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Emil DUMITRU Presedinte PRO AGROThe National Federation PRO AGRO – legitimate interests from present to future

Welcome to the National Federation PRO AGRO’s website, where all of you can understand the activities of our organization, which is based primarily on the unity of the members, in terms of coping to the today’s challenges, and on the belief that agriculture is a strategic pole for the economic recovery and for the country's development. The National Federation PRO AGRO’s website is a flexible and useful tool for all of you who develop an activity in the agricultural production, food industry and related services in Romania.

I enjoy that, in only three years of our Federation, alongside the founders we joined new colleagues and that we can build aught together. Our member organizations have, all and sundry, a huge professional expertise in their business field and, that’s why, I believe we must cross into a new development stage.

The romanian farmers should understand that the national and E.U. agricultural policy is constantly changing and it’s essential to be part of the debate’s board with relevant points of view in order that our voice be heard. Federation’s contribution on the debates about the adoption of laws and policies which directly involve the romanian agri-food sector has a special meaning. We must also share our objectives with ourselves and with european farmers both and, jointly, adopt equable decisions in the benefit of the members and all the farmers in Romania both.

We can build up together with you, we can refresh the agriculture in Romania. We are open to a collaboration based on respect and reciprocity, so we invite all nationally representative professional organizations to join us because Romania needs a really strong federal structure.

Unfortunately, the politicians looks at us only at the final of their four years. We must have a coherent and constructive opinion in front of all we get in contact. We don’t want an aggressive oratory. Why do I say this... The mission of a federation is not only to represent the interests of its members. Gradually, the federation becomes an link between the political power and society, an instrument through the latest one can promote those initiatives taken in the interest of the majority of consumers and try to dem up those ones in nonconformity with their real needs.

Only together we can build up a stronger structure, with initiatives, unsubordinated to the political interests, a real social partner. Regardless of what happens in the future, regardless of which political group will govern Romania, our mission remains the same: representing the interests of producers in agriculture, food industry and related services in Romania, complying the rules of the social dialogue and using of all the legal levers to defend the rights of our members, representative professional associations so as to show force in the romanian agriculture.

Yours sincerely,

Emil-Florian DUMITRU


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