The National Federation PRO AGRO is a professional organization founded in 2012 for agricultural producers, the food industry and related services in Romania in order to promote, support, and represent the interests of members of the professional representative organizations at the national level in the relations with the European and national institutions public and/or private.

PRO AGRO is an umbrella organization that responds to the challenges faced by its members by promoting and supporting a sustainable rural economy in which agriculture is essential for the future.

It is the voice of producers in this sector, which constitutes an important pillar of the national economy and represents the interests and needs of members, coordinating and supporting professional organizations on topics of agriculture, economic, legal, fiscal, educational and social.

As the voice of farmers, we communicate to policy makers, society and mass media, in order to provide authentic and relevant information on the social and economic situation of the farmers, their real needs and problems.

We are deeply committed to the democratic and participatory spirit that characterizes PRO AGRO.

The pyramidal structure of our organization ensure the representation of all producers. Our positions are strictly professional and this makes the Federation a credible speaker, effectively, in front of political structures governing the agricultural sector national and community.

President’s Quote

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